Family Friendly Mornings with Jim & Lynette on PRAISE 106.5

Family Friendly Mornings with Jim & Lynette on PRAISE 106.5
We LOVE spending our Mornings with YOU everyday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jim's on vacation!

So while Jim is on vacation...I have had some fun inviting special guests in the studio...Local celebrity and talk show host Jerry Stewart, Scotty Brocket from our sales team, Pastor Kim Ryan, Lance Landry and tommorrow I look forward to Andrew from "The Panic Squad"...Since they are an improvisational comedy group...there might be some surprises in store for the show...should be fun...Now I haven't heard from Jim while he is in Colorado Bow-hunting, so I will assume NO news is good news! He will join me back on the air on Monday!

Then he'll find out just how many people it took to fill his BIG shoes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

COFFEE that lets you sleep at night

Yesterday the guys from Camano Island Coffee Roasters came to our radio station to let Jim and I and the staff sample their AMAZINGLY delicious coffee AND we learned a few things about 'fair trade' when it comes to coffee. Now Jim LOVES his coffee in the morning and can pretty much down the whole pot before we are off the air each morning...Me? Well I call myself a 'social' coffee drinker...if it's there...I'll drink it and I LOVE going out for coffee with the girlfriends...But there is so much to know about the coffee we drink...Jim and I were both really enlightened to find out about a few things and thought we would pass the info on to you...CICR believes in giving the farmers a FAIR price for their coffee, which is grown in the BEST or conditions, is certified organic is shade grown. It is available in several roasts and grinds...Find out more about their incredible coffee and how you can help change the world for the better one 'sip' at a

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a BUSY Summer!

We have had way too much fun with all the concerts coming to our area the past few months...(You can check out pictures on our Facebook pages!) We posted a couple of pictures below! While Jim enjoyed a 2 week vacation all over Alaska with his wonderful wife Sharon...I had the opportunity to fly to Kauai for my niece Melody's wedding and a few days on the beach with my family in Cannon beach, Oregon.

Now, we're gearing up for KUTLESS in concert at the end of the month and Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman as well! And we will make an appearance at the Northwest Washington Fair in August! Hope to see you there! Have a GREAT summer!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rockin' with the Newsboys!

What an incredible night of music with VOTA, Bread of Stone, Decemberradio and of course THE NEWSBOYS! New frontman for Newsboys, Michael Tait did an amazing job of connecting with the sold out crowd at Abbotsford Alliance singing Newsboys and some classic DC Talk tunes. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to support Christian artists in BC. Jim and I LOVED meeting so many of you. Join us for Jeremy Camp on May 1st and Third Day with Brandon Heath and Brian Dierksen in the NEW Abbotsford Sports Centre on May 9th! Great times ahead...Check out the pictures from the Newsboys concert below!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Time for an update!

Already March...whew..where has the year gone? As I loook outside the studio window..It looks like a blizzard....I say "Yippee"! Jim says "No, not again"...(Is that so he doesn't have to pick me up in the morning? hmmmm...) Thought it was a perfect day to pick out a recipe to try at home from the recipes you have submitted on our Contest Page for FAST FAMILY DINNERS...I'm thinking of trying "Poor Man's Alfredo"...It sounds perfect for warming up my family on a cold winter's night!
(If you would like the recipes for the whole week...check them out on our webpage!)