Family Friendly Mornings with Jim & Lynette on PRAISE 106.5

Family Friendly Mornings with Jim & Lynette on PRAISE 106.5
We LOVE spending our Mornings with YOU everyday!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Fall is absolutely amazing in the Pacific Northwest and both Jim and I are totally celebrating that it is FINALLY here! Something we both agree on...but for different reasons...go figure! Jim is the ultimate outdoorsman and enjoys all the 'outdoor' stuff with his family...from camping to hiking and of course Bow-hunting with the boys!
On the other hand..I love Fall because of the wonderful Fall clothes! Yeah..I'm a sucker for the layered look and love wearing all the cozy sweaters and boots! Making anything with pumpkin in it is also my favorite thing to do on a rainy cold Fall Day! My family LOVES my Pumpkin Chocolate Chips cookies...Give them a try...One of the few cookie recipes with NO eggs! Really! Happy Autumn from Jim and Lynette!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jim's Gone...Lynette fills his shoes!

So the best part of doing Mornings is I get ALL the coffee in the morning! However I do miss the guy...It's hard to be BOTH Jim AND Lynette...but the mornings do go by quicker! Jim is enjoying some "outdoor" time with his sons Hunter and Chase...but as soon as he returns...I will be taking some time off as well! Then FALL is here!

Monday, August 18, 2008

We're Back from vacation!

Jim and I are back together ON THE AIR after getting some vacation time away with our families. Jim headed to the mountains...while I went to the beach!

Jim and his wife Sharon went on a adventurous road trip in South Central Washington which included lots of camping, hiking and of course a trip to Jim's favorite shopping place...CABELLA'S for some hunting and fishing gear...and Sharon even got to do some shopping some local quilt shops. (Good job, Jim!)

As for me, our family headed to Cannon Beach, Oregon to enjoy a week with good friends in the sand and the sun! We did alot of wakeboarding, BBQs on the beach and lots of Tillamook ice cream! I even learned a new skill...making beaded earrings! Very fun....AND addicting!

Now it's back to work for us!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My daughter Madison goes "On the Air"

Oh no...another 'talker' in the family. My 10 year old daughter, Madison, really thought I needed some help on the Morning Show since Jim was off on told her she would have to get up 4:30 am, help do the weather forecasts AND make my coffee...She said "No problem" she is joining me this week! What a joy she is...except now the staff at Praise 106.5 wants her to fill in for ME when I go on vacation next week! Hope you enjoy my protege'.

Monday, July 14, 2008

SUMMER is finally here!

Both Jim and I have enjoyed the Awesome sunny Northwest weather so far!

Being the outdoorsman that he is, Jim takes any apportunity to go fishing...hiking or doing a little target practice with his Bow and Arrow, which by the way, recently garnered him a 1st place award in the State Archery competition this past weekend! Way to go Jim!

As for me, I've been exploring the area by taking little road trips with my husband, Bob while the kids are at camp. Last week we put the top down on our VW Beetle and took in the breathtaking views on the North Cascades highway. I highly reccomend it! Gorgeous scenery and a Mocha Mint Frappacino...a perfect combo on a sunny summer day!

Both Jim and I are looking forward to the Northwest Washington Fair coming to Lynden, Washington August 11-16 featuring THE NEWSBOYS in concert on Friday, August 15th. Check our website for all the details and ticket information

Monday, June 16, 2008

Celebrating Father's Day!

Over the weekend Jim and I enjoyed a beautiful SUNNY Father's Day weekend...What a treat!

Both Jim and I lost our fathers years we celebrated with our own families!

Jim enjoyed some time with his family which now includes a new daughter in law, Aimee! He told me they did the BAR-B-Q thing with a delicious Tri-tip...YUMMY! (I'm sure it came out of the freezer from something Jim and his boys got while hunting last Fall...just a guess!) He also came away with a big giant bag of his favorite snack...Pistachios!

I, on the other hand was excited to finally give my husband something I had been working on while he was out of town...A scrapbook filled with memorabilia from his Running Marathons including his jersey numbers from each race, tons of pictures, ribbons and medals! He had a tear in his eye as he looked through it with the kids! I think I hit a 'homerun' with his gift this year!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome to our new Blog!

Well we are finally joining the technological masses by blogging what is going on with the Morning Show and our personal lives...This is new for us...but we are excited! Jim will finally get a platform to share his latest hunting and fishing adventures...while Lynette will get to showcase her creative photography!